Services Offered

Private Pilot Certification

The first step towards making your dream of flight, weather that's as an airline or corporate jet pilot, or being able to travel and share the thrill of flight with friends and family, starts with a private pilot certificate! Private pilots can take passengers on journeys of near unlimited distance with few restrictions. You can also ditch the gridlock for an aerial commute, or do almost anything provided you aren't flying for compensation or hire or in the furtherance of a business. While other certificates and ratings below private pilot exist, like sport or recreational pilot, and I am authorized to teach that material, I would not recommend the lighter ratings because of the decrease in freedom that you get with them. My FAQ page goes over the costs associated with obtaining a private pilot certificate, as welll as all of the training topics that are covered. For more information, I would highly suggest reading about the private pilot license on this page by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Commercial Pilot Certification

While a lot of pilots stop at a private pilot certification (with or without an instrument rating), if you want to be compensated for your flying, you have to obtain a commercial pilot certification. After gaining a fair bit of experience, the commercial pilot certification allows you to fly as pilot in command for a number of different jobs - skydive pilot, part 131 second in command, pipeline patrol, sightseeing tours, ferry flights, and arial mapping just to name a few! If you are headed for the airlines, you will need a commercial as well as a private pilot certification. If you are interested in obtaining a commercial pilot certification, please reach out to me and we will create a custom program to make sure you get where you want to go!

Discovery Flights

Have you always dreamt of flying? Not sure where to start? Do you have a friend, child, or spouse who may want to fly? I would LOVE to introduce them to the world of flight! A discovery flight is a 2 hour block of time, one hour on the ground, one hour in the air, where you will be exposed to the wonders of flight! You will actually take control for the majority of the flight while you start the process of mastering the basics of control over the aircraft and see the world from an entirely new perspective! Discovery flights are available out of the Peirce County Airport / Thun Field or the Auburn airport! Gift certificates for discovery flights are available, please contact me for more information.

FlyVentures / Cross-Country Training

These epic 3+ day adventures put you and 2 other pilots at the controls for an unforgettable adventure, learning the ins and outs of long distance travel using general aviation! For more information, please visit our FlyVenture page.

Flight Reviews

Every 2 years you are required to undergo a flight review to make sure you are still safe in the skies! I would be happy to conduct your next flight review, regardless of if you have flown 2 minutes or 200 hours in the last 2 years! Each flight review will be conducted in accordance with the FARs, and I will do my best to make sure you walk away with a new tidbit of knowledge!

High Performance and Complex Endorsements

The FAA requires that anyone who operates an aircraft with an engine capable of generating more than 200 horsepower requires flight and ground training, and an endorsement from a CFI.

I am also able to provide complex aircraft endorsements in your own aircraft, and am currently working on getting access to an aircraft to be able to provide complex endorsements and the required 10 hours required in a complex aircraft for the commercial rating. In the meantime, I can offer 10 hours of technologically advanced aircraft instruction in a 2014 Czech sport cruiser.

Rusty Pilot Reviews

Stick and rudder skills, and the knowledge to be able to fly safely in the complex national aerospace system, are skills and knowledge that degrade over time. If you have been out of practice, doesn't matter how long it has been, I would love to work with you to get you to a point where you can safely and legally operate again. Depending upon your prior experience and how long you have been gone, I will work with you to develop a plan of action to get you back up into the air, confident enough to be able to do whatever your heart desires with your rediscovered freedom to fly!

Radio / Communications Refreshers

Let's face it, talking to air traffic control can be stressful, and if you learned in an uncontrolled environment, you may not be comfortable going into busy, towered airports or making use of flight following. This is a really common issue, and I would love to work with you to get you comfortable using all of the resources at your disposal - and this includes air traffic control in all forms.

Currency Training

The FAA stopped calling it a biennual flight review because they recognize that staying sharp and fighting off complacency requires more than just a few hours every other year. I would love to work with you to develop a program for you to do on your own, as well as occasionally with a CFI, on your terms, to stave off complacency and make sure that you remain safe and sharp in the sky!

Scenic Flights / (upcoming) Charter Flights

I partner with Fly Guys, LLC as one of their pilots to provide scenic flights around the Olympia area. Additionally, as they pursue a charter pilot certificate, I would highly recommend them for any charter needs you may have!

Instrument Addon

Although I, and many other people, love flying in severe clear weather, adding an instrument rating to your private or commercial certification adds not only peace of mind, but also opens up even more flying days! We all know that Seattle isn't always raining, but on the days when low clouds may keep you at home, the instrument rating gives you more opportunity to fly to sunnier destinations! An instrument addon requires a minimum of 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument flight, of which 15 have to be with a certificated instrument instructor (CFII). I offer all the training required to fly solely by reference to instruments within the IFR system. This training can either be accomplished in your own aircraft, in N92416, the Cessna 182 out of KOLM, or, as soon as the Auburn Club is finished, through one of the Warriors there. Please contact me for more information.

Instrument Proficiency Checks

An IPC is for any instrument rated pilot whose currency has lapsed more than 6 months ago. It is also required by some insurance companies, and if you don't fly a lot of IFR, is a good idea to have done. My IPCs, just like my flight reviews, are customized to help you with concepts you may struggle with, want more practice on, or just "plane"may never have done! Please contact me for more information.

Local Area Familiarization

Let's face it - Seattle has some complex airspace! I would love to go up and show you around the airspace, provide do's and don'ts for navigating around the bravo, and let you know about all of the little ins and outs of the local area!