Below you will find links to various bits of information which I have found to be helpful for pilots-in-training, both in general and with my program specifically.


When booking with me as a member of one of my affiliated flight clubs (Shelton, Auburn, Thun Field), you will need to also book an aircraft. Use the link below to visit the scheduling calendar. You will need to be a club member with the password to view and make reservations (Shelton has a generic password, you will need your own login for Auburn Flight and/or Thun Field Flyers).


While any learn to fly course, either online or in person, will get you to where you need as far as an understanding of the principles of flight, myself and my students have had great success with the course by Sporty's. Other options include King, Jeppeson, and ShepardAir. I have used all of those in the past, but I find the content, relevance, pacing, and production quality of Sporty's to be the best. All of the options have a free trial, and I would recommend trying a few to decide what works best for you, rather than just taking my advice.

I have been recommending the Sporty's course since before I learned they offered a kickback in the form of a gift card when students purchase courses with my code. It is entirely up to you, I would still recommend Sporty's over any other course, regardless of if you enter my code or not, but if you want to help me out a bit, entering code FLT9600 at checkout just gets me a small gift card to the Sporty's store.

Callsign Copilot

Radio communication is one of the most challenging aspects for new pilots. This game uses snippets of actual audio between pilots and controllers to help you train your ear to understand what is being said. Created by a friend of mine, I would recommend this to any pilot having issues with understanding and becoming acclimated to the language of air traffic control.


Our course syllabus is available free of charge using download link below.

We would strongly recommend, however, that you purchase a printed and bound copy from Graphic Communications Digital Printing. Contact Brett at 360-426-8628 or

If you elect not to purchase a printed and bound copy, you will be required to print out a copy of at least the grading rubrics for each lesson and keep track of them.


This is a free course from that goes over the required portions of FAR part 91 in advance of a flight review. Completing this course and bringing the certificate to your flight review will let us focus on more scenario-based application of the regulations, and should cut down on the amount of time we spend on the ground.


As grim as the topic is, learning from other people's mistakes is essential - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself. 

ASI, the Air Safety Institute, has a great series of videos dissecting aircraft accidents over the past 10 to 15 years. Additionally, the video linked below is a great example of what happens when you neglect density altitude.


While the FAQ page has a great selection of policies that were current at the time they were written, your individual student contract and expectation document is the go-to reference to set the expectations of our relationship.

I know, not every place has you sign a contract and expectations document, but I want to clearly lay out exactly what you can expect from me, and what I am expecting from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!